Human Resource services are the backbone of every dynamic business module. We offer reliable end-to-end recruitment services that focus on providing competent employees who can contribute to the business’s long term goals.

Our proficient team has years of industrial exposure in offering guidance and support on:
  • In-depth analysis of the client’s organizational structure and nature of business
  • Investigating the principal requirements of the position/job title and deliverables
  • Creating effective strategy for targeting desired candidates
  • People mapping on job boards, in-house database, social networks, etc.
  • Pre-screening and CV filtration by experienced team
  • Candidate evaluation based on telephonic interview or scheduled rounds
  • Aptitude-based interview to ensure candidate’s interest, suitability and sincerity
  • Candidate’s technical assessment to gage industrial knowledge and expertise
  • Project-related evaluation before final shortlisting
  • Interview by client/site tour, as applicable
  • Detailed reference check and medical examination
  • Confirmation
  • Post recruitment follow-up and formalities